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Gietende Honing

Nutrition and sport

Have you ever heard of the sports nutrition pyramid? Have you ever suffered from an energy dip during exercise? How is your relationship with food? How do you choose the right sports drink? Do you find the combination of nutrition and sports a bit complicated? Do you sometimes not know what to eat before, during or after your training? Then this course might be something for you! Read more below!

In practice, it often turns out that the combination of nutrition and sport is not always an easy task. Currently there are so many different food trends in the media that it can all become very confusing and unclear.

However, the correct and enough nutrition is necessary to provide sufficient energy for sports, to perform optimally and to recover well. The right drink and sufficient fluid intake are also important.

But then the question arises, what is the right nutrition for an athlete? This will be discussed further in this webinar or workshop. 

The course or workshop about sports nutrition covers multiple topics and certain topics can be requested in more detail, a few examples are listed below:

  • General sports nutrition

  • Plant based nutrition

  • Sports-specific nutrition
    (before, during, after exercise)

  • Supplements, immunity and winter tips

  • Recovery nutrition

  • Hydration and sports drinks



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Gietende Honing

Intuitive eating and athletes?

Watermeloen eten op het strand

Intuitive eating what is it? What is the meaning of terms such as hunger, satiety, sense and satisfaction?

Which relationship you have with food? Do you trust your body and its inner signals? How do you deal with the rational and emotional aspects of nutrition? How to balance intuitive eating with the rational aspect of nutrition needed for all your exercise?

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