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“Food to fuel your body, dreams and thoughts”




I am Camille, a 28 year old professional circus performer graduated with a bachelor's degree in nutrition and dietetics. As a certified dietician I started my project 'food2fuel' with great enthusiasm. Topics such as healthy food, an active lifestyle, a positive mindset and feeling good in your own skin are important to me. I believe that a healthy diet and lifestyle is about finding the right balance in what works for you, what are the needs of your body and what is good for your mental and physical health.


Do you want to build a healthy relationship with food? Do you want to find a healthy balance between what works for you and what is good for your health? Do you want to work towards a healthy mind in a healthy body? Do you need some help finding the right combination between nutrition and sport? Or do you not know what to eat before or after your training?

I can help you! Take a look here.



You want some inspiration to cook? Here you will find some simple, tasty and healthy recipes with an eye on enough variety. From breakfast to snacks, to lunch and dinner. 

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